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Sad and lonely, the Penguin Prince longs to find the perfect penguin princess to be his wife. Then one stormy night, a wet and bedraggled penguin arrives at the.

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This is where the moneymaking aspect really kicked in.

The errant politics of Pink Wave fundraising

Using alcohol to help ease sales — sly, but ingenious. Either way, it was starting to feel like Fleur might be waiting for our inhibitions to slip in the hopes we would tumble into a Tupperware taxi with her at the end of the night. And left-handed people can use it. Instead, we were advised to make a wise life investment and buy these boxes.

It all sounded so awfully scientific, and I had been drinking cocktails on an empty stomach. I nearly caved. As the night came to a close, the level of tension and embarrassment was on par with a failed charity auction — we were just off the amount of money required for my flatmate to get her Tupperware prizes. And I awkwardly sat there, writing in my notepad and feeling horrible about not having enough money to try and help her get that coveted prize.

Sheer oddness of the night aside, I knew she had been drawn to the party because she really needed new kitchen items and it seemed like a fun way to get some. But then I wondered why I was feeling so bad.

First alcohol, now guilt? My flatmate later admitted she felt a bit uncomfortable asking her friends to buy Tupperware so she could get something for free, but that she enjoyed the night. Others agreed in the conversation we had after Fleur left it was a massive relief to see that permanently-happy face out my front gate, never to brighten my door again.

Tupperware Parties: Suburban Women's Plastic Path to Empowerment - HISTORY

Over 60 years ago, Tupperware parties were an escape from the dreary life of house - wivery , a chance to exchange the husband, kids, chores and expectations for a sly drink with friends while completing the transition to ultimate domestic goddess. Perhaps this is why the parties are still going strong in for a certain group of women who needed it, they were the original social media platform.

Although our party saw more jeans than pink-frosted pinafores, the element of escapism remained — away from employers, lecturers and most importantly, our modern life; a fleeting moment of nostalgia and an attempt for the perceived sophistication of our foremothers. The items for sale at these parties are not necessarily low-quality tat.

Representatives, like Fleur , may rely solely on the income they make from sales. However, I declined. Personally, the end of the night felt like a classic one night stand. Fleur packed up her table, whisking away the enticing plastic and leaving us alone. Society Similar Posts. Read Time: 19 mins. Read Time: 41 mins. Read Time: 31 mins.

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Read Time: 12 mins. By , Brownie's troops numbered 20, dealers, distributors, and managers — 95 percent of them women. It was about women feeling modern. Wise became the first woman to grace the cover of Business Week in April She lived her part with enthusiasm. She grew hybrid pink roses, drove a pink convertible and even owned a dyed-pink canary. As a motivator, she was creative.


To celebrate the three-year anniversary of Tupperware Home Parties, for example, she brought her top saleswomen to company headquarters in Orlando, Fla. The Homecomings continued every year since. By , Wise and founder Earl Tupper — a reclusive man who kept a stiff Tupper-lip — fell out. Company directors dumped Wise.

Tupper sold the company the same year. Now, the company competes with Rubbermaid and plastics makers. But Tupperware remains a household name, generic for anything plastic that holds food. Her research, she admitted, changed her life. Now, even she has her own set of pastel cereal bowls.

Tupperware party

Some things are easier to explain than others. For example,I was born in Indianapolis,Ind.

I am 22 and 5' 9". Others aren't as easy.

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Now,I am a senior in journalism and computer science. The explanation? I found a love for writing,whether I'm writing fiction or fact. My passion has led me forward. In the summer of ,I served as editor of the Indiana Daily Student. I have also held positions as campus editor,copy editor,humor columnist and beat writer. I like to spend my free time constructively.

This is why I have dabbled in painting,guitar and harmonica.