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This book was previously published under the pseudonym Ella Stradling. I am reclaiming my books under my legal surname.

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Agamemnon – Aeschylus – King of Mycenae – Play Summary – Ancient Greece – Classical Literature

El millonario italiano Gabriel Danti era famoso por sus proezas en el dormitorio View Product. En la cama de un millonario. El hijo ilegitimo de Edward Longshanks, Tate tiene las cualidades de un rey The ruins of the citadel of Mycenae have been under excavation for many years. Photo courtesy of Christofilis Maggidis. The Mycenaean dynasties, which ruled the area from the mid th to the 12 th centuries BC, got off to a fair start and were a powerhouse in the region during the late Bronze Age.

But the royal houses descended into parricide, murder, adultery, war, incestuous rape, usurpation and a final fire that destroyed the city. King Agamemnon of Mycenae was the leader of the Greek forces that, according to myth, besieged Troy and battled with its warriors for 10 years, from to BC.

Mycenae & the Curse on Agamemnon’s Family

The Greeks and Mycenaeans finally overcame Troy in the infamous Trojan Horse episode where their troops made a colossal, hollow wooden horse, got it into Troy by subterfuge and poured out to sack the city. After some time Heracles' descendants came and overthrew the king, and so, the cycle was complete. Maggidis issued a press release in December saying that the Athens Archaeological Society and the Culture of Ministry had undermined his many of years of work as an expert in Mycenae by questioning the likelihood that the rock was indeed a throne.

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The press release PDF here states:. It is puzzling that the Ministry, though officially notified of the discovery with my report of What is even more puzzling is the attempt of the Archaeological Society and their Secretary General, Mr. Petrakos, to disdain such an important discovery by biasing the scientific publication of the find, with complete disregard for professional ethics.

In my absence as excavator and researcher and without my knowledge, Mr.

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This is not the first conflict between Mr. Petrakos and Dr.

King AGAMEMNON of Mycenae BOSS Fight - Cursed Bow of Hades - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Petrakos had responded to Dr. In his years at the site, Dr.


Maggidis and his students have unearthed figurines, flint and obsidian blades and other stone tools, fragments of stone vases, stone cloth weights and seal-stones. They have also found pendants and beads, glass shards, rings, objects of metal, coins, iron nails and hooks and fragments of frescoes and plaster.

They have turned up pigments, carbonized wood, animal bones, shells, roof tiles and much pottery. In a June article in Popular Archaeology, the writer states:. But the greatest takeaway thus far has been the confirming evidence that Mycenae, more than its popular image as the fortified palatial abode of Agamemnon, was a large, complex urban center where a population made their living in trade, commercial production, agriculture, and all the other typical functions of an ancient culture, in space and time well beyond the politics and military campaigns of a prominent kingly reign.

House of Atreus

Top image: This kilogram pound block of hand-worked stone very well may be a throne of ancient Mycenae, tragic royal houses immortalized by the ancient Greek epic poet Homer. Photo by Christofilis Maggidis. Atreus had murdered them and cooked them and served them to him for dinner. Thyestes just ran out of the palace and never came back again.

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