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Sad and lonely, the Penguin Prince longs to find the perfect penguin princess to be his wife. Then one stormy night, a wet and bedraggled penguin arrives at the.

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Membership may be many or sparse. No one showed at the meet-up that Stacey Brown, an information technology manager at a Hartford insurance company, scheduled for a 14th-floor conference room on a Thursday after work, despite R. Others like the discipline a group offers. Spillman says. She first joined a group for Dr. Fifteen people met each week at the Ansir Innovation Center, a community space with big tables and comfortable chairs, in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood of San Diego.

Stavens explains. Udacity courses are designed and produced in-house or with companies like Google and Microsoft. In a poke at its university-based competition, Dr. Stavens says they pick instructors not because of their academic research, as universities do, but because of how they teach.

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Stavens says. Whether explaining what the ancients believed about the shape of the earth or, in Dr.

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Some institutions have been in touch; only Berkeley and the University of Texas system have been admitted to the club. They collect your clicks. Agarwal who, students learn, is obsessed with chain saws revealed that participants would rather watch a hand writing an equation or sentence on paper than stare at the same paper with writing already on it. The focus is on making education logical.

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Lurie, vice president for content development. After one meeting, Lyla Fischer, a M. Last spring, students could download PDFs with brief answers.

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Lurie says. Students control how fast they watch lectures. Some like to go at nearly double the speed; others want to slow down and replay. Coming: If you get a wrong answer, the software figures out where you went wrong and offers a correction. Coursera uses peer grading: submit an assignment and five people grade it; in turn, you grade five assignments. But what if someone is a horrible grader? Coursera is developing software that will flag those who assign very inaccurate grades and give their assessment less weight. Mitchell Duneier, a Princeton professor, is conducting a study that compares peer grading of the final exam in his sociology MOOC on Coursera last summer with the grades he and his course assistants would have given the students.

Brown, the Hartford I. The challenge is not just in grading. The diversity of MOOC takers — teenagers to retirees, and from across the globe — means classmates lack a common knowledge base and educational background. Out-of-their-league students, especially in highly technical courses, can drag down discussions.

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Through the literature review and from our interviews, we have observed a number of changes underway in the capabilities and model for MOOCs:. Another analysis by an Exec Director at the University of Texas listed down the 10 biggest challenges that need to be overcome in order to facilitate greater acceptance of online learning. Why is it that comments on newspaper websites are rich and widely read, while the discussion forums in MOOCs or class LMS sites are not? Too often, discussion forums in courses consist of disconnected comments and mindless chatter.

The explanation is straightforward: Newspaper forums have a facilitator who deletes unproductive or offensive postings.

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Small online discussion groups or collaborative teams too often work poorly—in stark contrast to the kinds of connections that dating sites or listservs produce. Why is this? Dating sites and listservs understand that groups emerge organically when individuals share common interests, profiles, and motivations. Across the country, campuses are reinventing the wheel: creating animations, simulations, virtual laboratories, and other teaching resources of varying quality and utility at great expense.

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Redundancy is widespread. Quality is highly variable. Because of the lack of a carefully curated repository and a recommendation and comment system. Although some MOOCs have experimented with term length, rates of learner engagement and persistence remain low. Lurkers and dabblers abound. How might we change this? One possible answer: Challenge or crowdsourcing MOOCs — which take a pressing problem and strive to solve it. Google rests on a personal profile. So, too, does Linked In. Customization is a watchword of contemporary marketing.

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