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Jonathan recognized David the founder of the new dynasty, and John the Baptist recognized Jesus the founder of the new priesthood.

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The great example of the friendship between two men in the Old Testament is David and Jonathan, while the great example of friendship between two men in the New Testament is Jesus and the John, the disciple that Christ loved. Summary and So What We have looked at most of the major figures in the New Testament and found that there are similarities between their experiences and the experiences of Old Testament figures with the same name.

In the case of Doubting Thomas it is particularly clear that these go far beyond the bounds of coincidence. Furthermore, even if we take a very cynical view of the Evangelists, the writers of the four Gospels and Acts, it would have been far too difficult for them to manipulate all the facts to fit a pattern this complex even if they had considerable freedom to manipulate. Sacrificing the Short Term for the Long Term? But their freedom to manipulate was limited. They were, after all, writing about what their contemporaries regarded as true events.

(66) REVELATION of John (Apocalypse) _ (KJV) King James Version / New Testament (NT)

It is hard to imagine the Evangelists going to the other believers and saying, "Well we know what really happened, but if we can change this name and that event it will fit into a pattern with Old Testament events so we can fool future generations. It would be a strange sort of unscrupulous leader who was willing to sacrifice his own power and influence for the sake of spreading his ideas among future generations.

Unscrupulous, Lying Matyrs? But what right do we have to assume that the apostles were unscrupulous hoaxers? Most or all died martyr's deaths, not a mass suicide which would be relatively easy, but martyr's deaths that often included suffering torture. Furthermore, they did not all die at one place and time where a mass hysteria could have influenced them.

Their martyrdoms were separated one from another by decades and thousands of miles. It is claimed that one or two died in India, at least one in Rome, another is claimed to have died in Ethiopia. Copy Errors and Intentional Changes Other critics have said that copy errors by monks copying scriptures caused the patterns. Of course, honest errors might destroy a complex pattern like this, but it is virtually impossible that random errors could create the pattern. Furthermore, undetected copy errors are not plausible.

There were many copies, if a particular verse was different in one copy because of an error, it would be easy to spot the error because it was different from all the others. People who make these arguments seem to imagine that a monk copied a book from the Bible and then immediately destroyed the original he had just copied. Then that monk or another monk copied the copy and then destroyed the earlier copy and kept the last copy and so on. In this way errors accumulated. But of course this is not what happened.

Later copies were no doubt compared to earlier copies and the various copies were compared to each other. So errors could not multiply, or even persist. A more serious argument is that copyists intentionally changed the text. If so this would have to have been done very early before many copies had been made. If there were thousands of copies spread out over an area that stretched at least from Spain to India the Apostles are believed to have set up Christian communities from Spain to India it would be impossible for a single copyist to change the text simply by producing one, or even several false copies.

Finally most of the patterns I am discussing here are not even touched upon by most sophisticated modern commentaries. I have searched for many of the patterns on the Internet without finding them. Were the relatively uneducated apostles that much more sophisticated than modern scholars? Were the apostles superior to the hive mind of the Internet?

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A Plot Involving the Pope and Constantine Some might think that it was all a plot between the Pope and Constantine or some other Roman Emperor soon after the Christians took over the empire. Such theories are common but there are several problems. First, Christianity spread far beyond the Roman Empire in the days of the Apostles, centuries before Constantine. Christian Churches existed in places where the influence of Roman Emperors was minimal, for example southern India. Furthermore, Rome was not the first Christian nation.

Armenia claims that title, and Georgia claims second.

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Ethiopia also makes claims to be earlier than Armenia. Rome might be third or fourth. Furthermore the Pope and the Emperors were not even able to impose uniformity in the Roman Empire. There were pagans, Manicheans, Arians, Donatists, and others. So the idea that the Pope and the Emperor could impose a massive rewrite of the Bible without any record of the inevitable conflict that the rewrite would create is very unlikely.

After all there are extensive records of many other conflicts that were happening in the Christian community at this time, why were there no records of a fight over the supposed Bible manipulation. My Miracle For me part of the miracle is that I discovered this typology while reading through the Old Testament for the first time. A huge number of scholars and no doubt a far larger number of amateurs have spent countless hours trying to find things like this, but somehow they missed this huge system of typology. Of course you only have my word that I was a beginner, so this is more amazing to me, than it is to you.

But even if I really was secretly an expert that had read the Old Testament many times it would still be pretty miraculous. After all a huge number of people have tried before for many centuries and suddenly an obscure guy in the late 20th century sees the pattern all the others had missed. Some might argue that I an just incredibly intelligent, almost superhuman. But if you assume that I wonder, why are you so absolutely sure that I am wrong about the general issue of the faith.

If I have superhuman powers to see what a huge number of people have searched for many centuries to find and failed, and I say the Christianity is the true faith, then maybe I am right. Or at the very least, maybe Christianity deserves your attention. But perhaps it is not the point of any one miracle to decide the matter beyond all contention. Rather, miracles invite people to investigate the faith more carefully, to check out other miracles and the rational argumentation that supports the faith.

Finally, miracles invite people to pray for the gift of faith. Other Evidence and Writing Beyond this if it is really your contention that I have succeeded where untold thousands tried over many centuries, and that furthermore I just did it with my own intelligence, you might be interested in what other things my intelligence can come up with.


What’s Missing from Codex Sinaiticus, the Oldest New Testament? - Biblical Archaeology Society

I invite you to explore this web site and find out. Though I have not gotten many complaints, some may think my work reflects badly on the Christian faith. Remember that this is simply the work of a layman. I discovered the pattern on my first reading of the Old Testament. There are many other apologetic arguments produced by professionals and scholars. If you go before God on Judgment Day and say I read an essay on some guy's personal web site and it turned me off to Christianity, God may say you failed to seriously search for his truth.

You can leave me a private note in my guestbook, send me a private e-mail or best of all publicly humiliate me on Reddit by clicking here for contact options. By the way Reddit accounts are free, and you do not have to give them any information about yourself, just make up a username and a password. They would like an e-mail but do not require it. So here is the link. Of course I would love to have you link to this page, but if you are not Catholic perhaps you do not want to link to Catholic pages.

The Gospel of John

I can understand that. So I have set up other mere-Christianity versions of this web page that you link to without any Catholic influence. I have a couple of other web pages on the Bible that I think are pretty amazing. There has been some controversy on the differences between the genealogies and Nativity stories of Matthew and Luke. This has been something of a mystery for almost two thousand years. I suggest a simple solution, Matthew was writing to Christians who converted from Judaism, while Luke was writing to a Roman official.

The differences are just what one would expect if both writers were carefully picking what to write about from a set of true events and they did not want to upset their respective audiences. Check it out, the genealogy web site, the Nativity web site. My index pages for more miracles and other articles with evidence or apologetics for God, Christianity, and the Catholic faith is here.

Tell me what you think. Here is my contact information. In some instances their actions were similar. Twins Follow a Pattern The parallels involving Doubting Thomas and the three sets of twins mentioned in the Bible are perhaps the most impressive example of foreshadowing or typology. Paul was given letters authorizing him to arrest Christians and bring them back to Jerusalem Acts Just before Paul reached Damascus he had a supernatural experience and ultimately a conversion.

In summary, several Old Testament stories concerning King Saul's attempts to capture David, and the events leading up to King Saul's suicide foreshadow just two stories concerning the Apostle Paul, the story of Paul's Conversion, and Paul's heroic decision to save the jailer. Trees, Crosses, Caves, and Stones There is an interesting set of parallels between the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and Joshua's execution of five kings Joshua When five kings who had allied themselves together lost their battle against Israel, they hid in a cave.

Joshua ordered stones rolled over the cave's mouth and men posted to guard it. After the Israeli army finished slaughtering the five kings' armies, Joshua had the stones rolled away and the kings brought out.