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If you are a HostGator Customer, share your honest experience with your readers. Write unbiased and honest product reviews.

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If you convince your visitors about the pitfalls and advantages of using the products you recommend, you can make more sales without selling your soul. You should not use banner and sidebar everywhere. You should use hosting banners only on hosting relevant post. If your blog niche is not related to web hosting, you can use a small banner with text like Powered by HostGator, Hosted by HostGator, etc.

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Affiliate Disclosure: we make a small commission while purchasing using any of our links without costing you anything extra. Hope this post helped you a lot. If you know any other strategies to generate more sales, please feel free to share. HostGator is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the web hosting industry. And it has a great conversion rate. Sign me up for the newsletter! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Hostgator Affiliate Marketing.

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Click to Tweet. Are you ready enough to make your first website? Do you intend to make profit from it without more expense from your side? Find no more! Make use of this secret bundle from a very reliable web hosting company to publish your first ever website.

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You also get unlimited Autoresponders, and the spam prevention tools also included for your mailboxes. A Reliable Web Hosting account with cPanel and automatic installer. There are many kinds of web hosting space that you can rent depending on your needs and the scale of your website. If you are building your first website, get a multi domain shared hosting to create a more robust website at a more affordable price.

You can upgrade later to dedicated server when the time comes.

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You can also install popular content management systems such as WordPress, and start building your website in no time. A Domain Name. First you need to get a domain name. This is the unique name that will identify your website. It is simple to get one, just go to one of the domain registrars such as Namecheap and Godaddy.

Do not forget, it's not always to get with the least expensive web hosting plan. Just before buying the web hosting plan from any web hosting company, ensure to research and review first their reputation and web hosting service before signing up. Do you know HostGator? They are a big name in the website hosting industry. They are secretly launching their first Bundle Special Offer recently.

You will not find it on their homepage at Hostgator. What are you waiting for? Start a Website NOW. That's basically everything you need for just 36 bucks. Click Here to Register the Secret Offer. Choosing the best web hosting can be frustrating and confusing. I have used both ICDsoft and Hostgator simultaneously for over 5 years. Below is a breakdown of several aspects of each service to make your decision easier. So far, Hostgator is looking like the better option, but a lot depends on how much bandwidth and disk space you require.

You need to keep in mind that cPanel, offered by Hostgator, is viewed as the industry standard. Also, consider how many domains you are planning to host and how often you prefer to pay for your shared hosting service. It is too early to make a decision yet because there are several more things to compare. When seeking customer support website owners view live chat as preferable to phone or email support from a web hosting provider. This is particularly true when the website owner and the web hosting company are located in different countries; expensive phone support may result in a rushed support effort that can be less than effective.

Do not stop, we still have a couple of more things to compare.

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Yes, it looks like Hostgator is definitely the better choice but you must leave no stone unturned in making this important decisions, so we need to keep investigating. Obviously, the more choices the better the possible fit; this applies many things including shared web hosting providers. Each of our possible candidates offer expandability and upgrade options. The more website hosting packages available the easier it is for your site to grow without adversely affecting your online presence. ICDSoft offers only shared web hosting with an Economy or a Business plan each of which has a reseller program.

The reseller program at ICDsoft is essentially a discount program where you can buy more plans at cheaper prices. On the other hand, the reseller account at Hostgator lets you create multiple cPanel accounts to resell to others. Hostgator, by comparison, features flexible hosting plan payments. It has shared, reseller, and VPS as well as dedicated server-hosting services.