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Im going back to jerking off to porn again to numb the pain of not having a girlfriend. I just had my first relationship, and it ended after two days. Whenever I see or speak with or am around old and retired people I get a deep and irrational anger that builds up inside of me.

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After a storm of life problems and almost ending it I found a bad way of coping self. I spent 3 days wearing a buttplug until I could no longer hold it. I want to simply cease to exist self.

I have no intentions of getting back in touch with anyone from high school self. I only have sex with girls younger than me self. My bf m27 watches porn specifically of women with assets I do not have. I thought being superstitious was running my life, but apparently I have OCD. I ate ten Valium got black out drunk and tried to drive my car home, after being pulled over and pepper sprayed in a black out drunk, blind, angry rage I threatened to rape kill and burn an officers kids and family.

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Trolling and accusing others of trolling will not be tolerated Please REPORT things to have them reviewed for removal as soon as possible. But he was. The more time he spent with him, the more he never wanted to leave his company.

Black Beatles, Confessions, & No Problem - Alex Aiono AND William Singe Mashup

It did make him wonder what could come of it all. Were they friends, or something else entirely?

Confessions in Indianapolis at Patron Saint

When Magnus wakes up he has not only to deal with a terrible hangover, but he also drowns in a wave of social media notifications. Everyone deserves a second chance, but they don't usually come in the form of time travel. As the umbrella academy all seven of them promise to stick together a lot of things changed.

One of those things is that Allison and Vanya have Saturdays together.

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One morning, Klaus mentions someone who might be interested in Vanya which leads to Five and Vanya having a serious talk about what they want their new futures to look like. After Baz's leavers ball, Simon decides to stay the night with him in Mummers House. One last time. More detailed rules will be in the notes of the first chapter but I'm willing to write any pairing aside from a few, which I will name, and any prompt, within reason! Requests are open again but everything will be coming in very slowly, so sorry darlings!!!!

Hoseok was a curious little cow.

Highlight and normalize mental issues and the

He'd ended up on yoongi's doorstep a few months ago. Now he's such a spoiled babyboy. Hobi -hoseok's new nickname- is currently in trouble. He had been told that he wasn't allowed to have any candy. Now the poor thing's in trouble.

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He only wanted some candy. This book is for oneshots, smut, along with my story ideas.

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